Sucker! Police Now Investigating Pacman Accuser

The NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN has news that won’t shock anyone reading SbB the past two days.

Wanda Jackson

Pacman Jones was accused Monday by quasi-prominent Atlanta attorney Wanda Jackson of “sucker-punching” her in an Atlanta strip club on Jan. 3. We immediately wrote that her claim was a little flimsy, and that was confirmed when she dropped the complaint on Tuesday.

Now the Tennssean reports: “Although his accuser has withdrawn her complaint against Pacman Jones, Atlanta police may not be finished with an alleged strip club incident. And if police find videotapes that show 42-year-old Atlanta lawyer Wanda S. Jackson wasn’t honest when she claimed that the suspended Titans cornerback punched her, she could be the one in trouble.

Atlanta police public information officer James Polite said, “When our investigators approached her about this, she became uncooperative to the point she stated she didn’t know what we were talking about. Our lieutenant will look to see if there is any videotape from this particular incident and if so, go accordingly.

So now police are hunting for a surveillance tape that may or may not exist.

But even if no tape is unearthed, Ms. Jackson could be facing charges. Polite: “We’ll see if there is any infraction to be brought upon the attorney for falsely reporting a crime.

Jackson had claimed she was in the club “working on the divorce case” of Jones. She also said that the attack occured on Jan. 3, but waited until Jan. 15 to file a police report.