Stun Gun Cheerleader Mom Sentenced To 5 Years

It’s confirmed: Using a stun gun to zap a cheerleading coach in the neck is probably not the best way to get her to let your friend’s daughter onto the team. It happened in April of 2008 in Warr Acres, Okla., where LeShawn Fisher attacked cheerleading coach Bethany Lorenz in the parking lot of Putnam City North High School. With a stun gun. Hey, she just wanted her to listen to reason!

LeShawn Fisher

Fisher said she was trying to talk to the coach on behalf of her friend, Julie Ann Bell, whose daughter had been cut from the cheerleading team. Fisher craftily approached Lorenz in the parking lot as the latter was getting into her car, then used the old “Look at that over there!” ruse before applying the Zzzzzppptt! Was that wrong? Should I not have done that? On Wednesday, Fisher was sentenced to five years in prison for the attack. Bell was acquitted in a separate trial. Hmm; the wheels of stun-gun justice seem to turn slowly in Oklahoma.


“It was not a fair ruling,” a handcuffed, tearful LeShawn Cathlene Fisher said as sheriff’s deputies took her to jail. “I love my children, my family, my friends. I don’t deserve this.”

Fisher, 35, was arrested on suspicion of attacking Bethany Lorenz earlier this month in the parking lot of Putnam City High School. Police said Lorenz was getting into her car when Fisher flagged her down.

Fisher said she did it because she “loves children.”

Fisher told the judge she just wanted the sponsor to listen to her and had not intended to hurt her with the stun gun. Her attorney said she was not thinking clearly at the time of the attack because of a severe back injury. The attorney said she was on pain medication and then sleep-deprived.

Thankfully this craziness is over. Cheerleaders, you may resume getting stuck in elevators as usual.