Studios Offered Chance to Blow Up Texas Stadium

With the American Airlines Center serving the Mavericks & Stars, and Jerry Jones working on a new billion-dollar home for his Cowboys, Dallas’ old sports venues are no longer needed. Reunion Arena is all locked up & ready to be torn down, while Texas Stadium will be vacated after this season.

Texas Stadium indoors

And the Dallas Film Commission hopes the destruction of the long-time venues will entice some big-name Hollywood studios to come film the carnage - and more importantly, foot the bill for the blow-ups.

From KRLD radio:

Commission head Janis Burkland says she will be contacting studio’s to gauge their interest in footing the bill to raze one or both buildings. Film the destruction could then be used in a feature movie. City leaders in Irving and Dallas seem open to the general idea but want to know specifics before making a commitment.

We’re sure many Cowboys fans would love to have Jessica Simpson involved in such an explosive film project - mainly by sitting at the 50-yard line when the charges go off. And maybe get an extra seat for papa Joe.