Student Support For WAC Member School Suffers

Here’s a flyer that was circulated by the thousands early Wednesday morning on the campus of New Mexico State in Las Cruces, New Mexico:

New Mexico State student flyer

The paper messages, which were posted overnight on or at campus dorms, light poles, parking lots, bus stops, academic buildings and the main Corbett Student Center were seen by NMSU students as they went to class today - including Aggie football players.

New Mexico State student flyer

It took hours to scrub the campus of the obscene fliers, which appeared three days before the winless New Mexico State football team takes on in-state rival New Mexico in Las Cruces.

Neither team has tasted victory this season, with local and national media spotlighting the astonishingly moribund state of New Mexico football. UNM is currently 0-5 and has won one game game in two years under new coach Mike Locksley. NMSU is 0-4 in 2010 and 3-14 for coach DeWayne Walker in his second season.

The New Mexico State University official I talked to today said school administrators did not know who posted the fliers and that there was not an investigation underway to locate the culprit(s).

Perhaps not coincidentally, the same NMSU administration source told me that student support for the football team has been abhorrent this season: “In all my years here, I’ve never seen it so bad.

New Mexico State student flyer

Also perhaps not coincidentally, I was just thinking the same about the state of the Aggie football team’s budget.