Stuart Scott To Help in Kanye West-50 Cent Rap Showdown

STUART SCOTT CHOICE TO GO WEST OR PAY 50 CENT TOLL: Kanye West and 50 Cent will be having a throw-down showdown, and they’ve asked Stuart Scott to help decide “who’s now”:

stuart scott

TAMPABAY.COM’s THE JUICE and USA TODAY samples us the news that the two rappers will be appearing on the BET music show “106 & Park” on Tuesday, September 11 - the same day both of their new albums come out.

And ESPN’s Booyah-man will be there, offering “statistical analysis” of the hip-hop heavyweights, and finally letting the viewing public know just who is rightfully cooler than the other side of the pillow.

Kanye West 50 Cent

But there are high stakes afoot, as Fiddy has remarked that he will retire from the biz if his album “Curtis” is out-sold by Kanye’s “Graduation” during the first week of release.

Who will win? Don’t count out country star Kenny Chesney, who also has a disc coming out the same day. KC has “put both rappers on notice” that his sales may eclipse KW & 50-C.

Kenny Chesney Scott Van Pelt

Maybe CMT can lure Scott Van Pelt away for one evening to statistically analyze Kenny.