Stuart Scott Says He Still Won’t Read Sports Blogs

Even after the Buzz Bissinger blow-up, even after the Scott Van Pelt fond farewell, even after the acknowledgment of a semi-clever Agent Zero pun - Stuart Scott still says he doesn’t read blogs.

stuart scott

Dan Steinberg of DC SPORTS BOG was as cool as the other side of the pillow in wrangling up a quick Q&A with the erudite ESPN anchor. Steinberg saddled up to Scott during Wednesday’s Earl Woods Memorial Pro-Am, and teed up a few questions for Stuart.

First and foremost: Does Stuart still shy away from sports blogs?

A bit of back story: Steinberg had chatted with Scott at last year’s Erin Andrews-less Spelling Bee, and the anchor told him that he doesn’t read & doesn’t care about sports blogs.

And now, on to this year’s meet-up:

Dan Steinberg: Hey, Stuart, got a second? I talked to you last year at the Spelling Bee….

Stuart Scott: Oh, the blog! My brother actually saw it and he kind of directed me to it.

DS: Did I malign you?

SS: You were honest. It was cool. First and only blog I’ve ever read.’

DS: I feel like things have changed since then, I feel like they’ve gone a lot more mainstream since then.

SS: What, blogs? They may have.

DS: I’m just curious if you’ve changed at all?

SS: [Shakes head]

DS: I guess not.

SS: I mean, your blog was the first and only blog I’ve ever read, because you told me about it and my brother called and said, ‘Hey, some guy wrote a blog and it was about you.’ And I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I talked to that guy.’ [Blogs] might have changed, but my daughters haven’t, my life hasn’t.

So, not only does Stuart stay away from blogs, but he also keeps his daughters from surfing the blogosphere? That’s only going to encourage them to snoop around more, or even - *gasp* - start their own site!

Speaking of sites, Steinberg informed Scott of the latest editorial upheaval at DEADSPIN, and Stuart shared his thoughts on the transition of power:

At this point, I told Scott that A.J. Daulerio, his foil from Super Bowls past, had been named Deadspin editor. Scott wasn’t immediately familiar with the name. “Whatever,” he said, when I explained who he was. “If that’s what he wants to do with his life….”

Hear that, A.J.? Stu is so proud of you!

One more fun little tidbit from the talk: Steinberg asked Scott if he employed any of his well-known SportsCenter phrases when he smacked some good shots:

DS: So you don’t say ‘Boo-yah!’ after a good drive?

SS: No, man.

Fans: Or ‘Can I get an amen from the congregation?’

SS: Here’s why: because I’m not working. That’s work. I’m grinding, you know? It’s hard. And here’s what you have to do, you shank a shot and you’re like “awww, arghh!” And then they’re like, ‘Stuart, Stuart!!” And you’re like, “Can I just mope and be depressed for one minute.” But it’s fun, great day, great course.

Who would’ve guessed coming up with such phrases could be such hard work? Can I get a witness! Don’t hate the playa, hate the game! Call him the bus driver, ’cause he just took him to school!

Seems pretty easy to us. Need some writers, Stu? Or at least a caddy?

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