Strippers Steal Your Money On Game Shows, Too

Game shows are sports, right? They’re competitive, they involve strategy, someone eventually wins, etc. And pole dancing is fairly athletic, right? I mean, not just any Joe Sixpack could swing from a stripper pole by his ankles. OK, this is close enough to a sport to go with it. Deep breath. Playboy is introducing a new game show, where contestants struggle to answer simple trivia questions while being flustered by what the press release only calls “the distracting activities of some of the world’s sexiest dancers.”

Playboy TV

This is still probably not a sports-related post. But I’ve run the picture, there’s no going back now.

Yes, they called it “Show Us Your Wits.” Here’s the gimmick: unsuspecting strip club patrons entering the back room with expections of a lap dance (and more, depending on the club [so I’ve heard]), are greeted by Playmate Daphnee Duplaix, who will ask them a series of questions while gyrating, scantily-clad females do all they can to get the guys to slip up. Not including a handy. I don’t think. (Pics of your host, who has a rack on par with Drew Carey’s, after the jump.)

Ever see a smart man lose his wits when a pretty woman looks his way? Then just imagine the stupefying effect that a beautiful (and scantily clad) temptress would have on the mental processes of a male game show contestant.

That’s the inspiration behind “Show Us Your Wits,” Playboy TV’s sexy new game show. When unsuspecting guys at a gentlemen’s club slip into the back room for a lap dance, they are surprised by the show’s beautiful host — Playboy Playmate Daphnee Duplaix, from NBC’s popular daytime drama “Passions,” who announces that they have been chosen as contestants on Playboy TV’s newest game show.

But with “Show Us Your Wits,” the surprises don’t stop there. The contestants soon find themselves struggling to answer embarrassingly simple trivia questions when faced with the distracting activities of some of the world’s sexiest dancers. In the bonus round, contestants get the chance to double their winnings, but only if they’re able to ignore the double distraction of two girls at once.

The press release does not mention if the prize money will be paid out in singles. It also does not mention whether the winnings will be enough to make up for the embarrassment of appearing on national TV as someone who just wanted a lap dance.

Here’s your host, who’d make me forget my own first name.

Daphnee Duplaix

Daphnee Duplaix

Daphnee Duplaix