‘Stripper’ Clothed Andrews ‘Pimping’ Herself Out?

Memphis Fox 13 sports anchor Kristin Tallent, an attractive blonde, mocked ESPN’s Erin Andrews repeatedly from her Twitter.com account today.

Kristin Tallent Blonde Sportscaster Slams Erin Andrews

(One of EA’s own lashes out at her DWTS appearance)

Tallent is the first mainstream sports television personality who has slammed Andrews for her Dancing With The Stars appearance.

Kristin Tallent Blonde Sportscaster Slams Erin Andrews

Unprompted, Tallent initially wrote in a Twitter entry Monday:

Newsflash Erin Andrews, not all women in sports see you as one of their own. I’m nothing like you lady &I never looked at u as a journalist.

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She continued her criticism of Andrews in a Twitter exchange with Gary Parrish of CBSSports.com:

not a hater, just speaking my mind. She has pimped herself out…She was soooo upset about being “stalked” that she went on dancing with the stars. I was a college athlete, sports has been my entire life and I don’t appreciate someone pulling that.

yes, actually I would pass on DWTS bc I think it is a dumb show. Now, if some show called about training me to be in the WNBA, or the LPGA, then I would definitely be in. Of course, they don’t wear stripper clothes in the WNBA/LPGA.

I think Tallent is far from alone in her criticism of Andrews. Though Tallent’s pointed criticism is perhaps even more impactful in that she’s an attractive blonde, like Andrews, working in television sports media.

Though there’s plenty of media and non-media folks who enjoy seeing Andrews on Dancing With The Stars, her appearance obviously is sending mixed signals to at least one attractive female sportscaster in the same biz.

And despite what you may have heard or read, I’ve been told by multiple ESPN sources that the Bristol-based company asked Andrews not to do the show in light of her recent, high-profile stalker.

Erin Andrews stalker gun threat from TMZ.com

InĀ  the past week, we’ve gotten a string of reports from TMZ.com about an emailer who recently sent a series of death threats into a radio show directed at Andrews. If she hand’t been doing DWTS, would those threats have happened? Threats that now appear to have Andrews gravely concerned?

In a perfect world, Erin Andrews would get to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants and not have to fear stalkers or public backlash.

And my Kansas City Royals would win the World Series every year.