Streaker Subdued By Female Security, Shrinkage

You would think early March wouldn’t be the best time to shed your clothes and run around outside au naturel. However, we forget that streaking at soccer games is a year-round activity.

Soccer streaker subdued by female security

So last weekend, some bloke in the British town of Bury bared it all during a match against rival Rochdale. But just as soon as he hit the pitch, the streaker was quickly tackled & led away by security - female security.

Mind you, as demonstrated in the photo above, the security worker of the opposite sex was quite the big bird, and no scrawny streaker is going to out-muscle her. Still it has to be a blow to a guy’s ego - naked or not - when he’s taken down by a girl.

But that wasn’t the most embarrassing moment for SpongeBob NoPants.

Apparently the streaker put on a disappointing display - both in action and what he was showing off “down there”. From the BURY TIMES (courtesy of BAD JOCKS):

Rochdale fan, Jan Harwood, said: “He was the worst streaker ever.

“It was hilarious, but I felt a bit sorry for him. It was a very cold day.”

Nothing like a little shrinkage to complete the perfectly pitiful attempt. Worse of all, he didn’t have “Golden Palace” or some other online gambling site scrawled across his chest. What a wasted commercial opportunity. But I suppose it’s to be expected with such a shattered economy at the moment.

We in the U.S. might be below the U.K. in terms of soccer talent, but at least we have better streakers:

Tiffany May soccer streaker