Streaker Ordered Off Booze, Horse Race Tracks

An Australian streaker, who interrupted a horse race by risking his life while wearing a purple wig, has avoided jail time but was told not to mix booze and the track anytime soon, the BATEMANS BAY POST reports.

Australian horse race streaker

Bradley Steven O’Mara faced 3 months in jail but instead must not drink at a track for one year - the ultimate punishment.

The Bay Post says O’Mara was nearly caught by an angry mob of bettors and track groupies:

“Mr O’Mara took refuge in nearby bushland. As police arrived he ran to their vehicle and begged them to take him for protection. He was arrested.”

The worldwide legend had his fiance and mother-in-law speak on his behalf in front of the court. Several of those making comments blamed streaker boy’s friends for inciting the act.

Obviously alcohol had nothing to do with this mess.