Straying Dog Asplodes On Formula One Track

Spencer Hall of THE SPORTING BLOG has the video find of the day - a dog (sadly) getting run over by Bruno Senna on the track during Formula One’s Turkish Grand Prix Sunday.

Bruno Senna Hits Dog At Turkish Grand Priz

Senna’s machine wasn’t operable enough to continue the race, and he was understandably exasperated: “It’s incredible. It’s not as if we’re in the back of beyond here. This is supposed to be a Formula One circuit. I hit him with my front right wheel. It was lucky for me that I caught him with my tyre because if I’d hit him head on and he’d been thrown up in the air, the outcome could have been very different.

First off, there’s no truth to the rumor the dog was despondent after being ordered into a degrading tryst with Max Mosely on the eve of the race.

And amazingly, that wasn’t the only dog meandering on the track that day.

The dog, one of two that had evaded marshals and made its way onto the circuit, narrowly avoided being struck by current championship leader Giorgio Pantano of Italy. But seconds later Senna, who was running sixth at the time at the midway point of the 23-lap race, was unable to avoid a collision, killing the animal on impact.

So, what’s taking PETA so long? Put down that Tofu Kebab and get busy guys!

It’s obvious to me that Senna was using his 280 MPH death machine to hunt down and kill every canine the Turkish countryside had to offer that day. Right?

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