Strawberry’s Loved Lots & Lots & Lots Of Ladies

Darryl Strawberry has a new book coming out. And what better way to promote it than by sharing some ribald tales of scintillating sexcapades with thousands of women?

Darryl Strawberry book cover

SPORTS RADIO INTERVIEWS informs us that the ex-Met was on WFAN to plug his new literary offering, “Straw: Finding My Way”. During the show, hosts Boomer & Carlton quizzed Strawberry about his voracious sexual appetite. And according to Darryl himself, he’s gotten around - bedding more women than the announced attendance of his last minor-league rehab stint.

When asked just how many ladies he laid, Darryl responded, ““I don’t know. More than you should have, just put it like that.”

Was it more than 1,000? “Oh, yeah, of course.”

Was it more than 5,000? “Oh, no, I won’t stretch it that far.”

Seems like he’s already stretched it far enough. But less than 5,000? Wilt Chamberlain would be very disappointed.

Strawberry admits that in his early days of playing, he wasn’t so focused on getting female attention, believing that broads were a “major distraction”. But that all changed when he got to the big show:

All of a sudden I come to the level of getting to the big leagues and I remember my first experience, I went to San Diego and a girl called and said she was a reporter and wanted to meet me. I went downstairs and there it was, she was definitely a 10 and boom I was like, “Well this is what it’s like.” I thought it was pretty incredible. At that time in my life, there was no question. I wasn’t turning it down.”

Then off he went, sexing gals & snorting coke like there was no tomorrow - and such experiences have helped make Darryl the man he is today.

So let that be a lesson to all of you.