Strasburg Baseball Card Going For Over $10,000

The baseball card world is currently fixated on an insane Ebay auction of a Stephen Strasburg baseball card.

Stephen Strasburg Rookie Card Bids Over $10,000 sets the scene:

One of the greatest auctions for a modern baseball card in history is currently underway on eBay as we speak. What should make this auction especially fascinating is that it could literally sell for $9,000 or $29,000. Usually, the majority of bids made on a card come in the last 10-15 minutes!

It is becoming clear that 2010 Bowman (full set) might be the best pound for pound product in the history of American sports cards. There have already been 10 recorded $1,000+ card sales on eBay, with alteast an additional 200 sales of over $100. All this from a product that came out 10 days ago with a pack price of $4!

The bidding for the Strasburg card, which is one of a kind, now stands over $10,000 after 50+ bids. Initially, the asking price for the card was set at $20,000 or best offer. After 31 offers were turned down, the card was relisted as a reserve-auction.

If the bidding seems high for a guy who has never pitched in the bigs, it’s because it is.

This Strasburg card auction is likely to easily double the current value of the most valuable Tim Lincecum card.  The reason for that is the unprecedented, pre-major league hype Strasburg has received. Lincecum didn’t enjoy anywhere near that kind of buildup until he was already mowing down major leaguers.

So the bidding for the Strasburg card is more one-off phenomenon than industry sea changer. Though the value of the entire Bowman 2010 set - and other similar premium products involving Strasburg - will obviously benefit.

A prospect like Strasburg comes along once a decade, if that. But betting on a young, poised power arm, no matter the pedigree, is still an extremely risky business. But for an industry that has fallen on such hard times, it is exciting to see such risk back in the marketplace.