Strahan: Wants Glazer To Give HOF Intro, Not Dad

Jay Glazer’s had a pretty good week, but not for the reason you probably know. Yesterday he broke the news that a certain SbB-embargoed QB had the Vikings once again reaching for the lube. But it was something Michael Strahan said on Fox Sports Radio on Monday that I’m guessing is what really made Glazer’s day.

Jay Glazer licks woman's face while partying with Michael Strahan

(And Strahan is worried about what his dad would say? Opposite Day!)

While guesting on the Chris Myers & Steve Hartman Show on FSR, Strahan talked, unprompted, about who he would have as his presenter at his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The all-time, single-season NFL sack leader first brought up his dad as a possibility - then dropped an anvil on the idea.

No, Strahan’s dad will not be inducting him. Nor will any coach or other mentor from his long, storied career.

Nope, that honor will apparently go to Glazer.

Strahan’s comments to Myers & Hartman about who could be his presenter on his big day:

I would sweat like a farm animal over what my dad might say. I really would, my Dad scares me. The one guy who has been my best friend for my entire 16 years here off my football career and post-football career is Jay Glazer. … I look at those speeches and I’ll you one thing, it would be fun.”

Strahan didn’t get to expound on more specifics about Glazer in that situation because Myers cut him off and guffawed about the possibility:

Wow, if you had him (Glazer) as a presenter at the Hall of Fame, the nervous twitching, the … the cellphone going off, he’d be texting people … “

Strahan then interrupted Myers with, “He’d (Glazer) break a scoop right in the middle of the introduction speech!”

Laughs followed, so to be fair, Myers could very well have been joking about Glazer - but his blindside, first-blush reaction didn’t exactly sound like an endorsement.

Obviously I love the idea, for no other reason than it would make the ancient NFL establishment (including Bristol) squirm. Glazer has dredged up plenty of unsavory stories about NFL players and teams over the years, and to have a so-called rogue reporter out front of the league shield, for however fleeting a period, would be a delicious irony.

Now the question is with Strahan having floated the idea publicly, will he stick to his guns or back down when all the conventional NFL-related folks he knows slams the idea.

So long as drinking buddies Strahan and Glazer can stay clear of a TMZ Cam kerfuffle for the next three years, I think #92 has his man.