Strahan Out Of The Media Box With Giant Shock

Michael Strahan is gone from the Giants for good, as he’s signed a deal to do studio work for FOX’s NFL coverage.

Michael Strahan

To kick off his media career, Strahan has proceeded to say that the Giants should kick Jeremy Shockey to the curb.


“He doesn’t want to play here; that’s obvious with everything that’s going on. Regardless of how well he plays for you, there’s always that tension, and that’s one thing you can’t have if you’re expected to go back and repeat. So I think the best thing for them and for Shockey is if they have the opportunity, let him go.”

Strahan then went out of his way to defend a former teammate, Plaxico Burress.

During the news conference, someone asked Strahan about receiver Plaxico Burress’ contract protest, and he launched into a monologue defending Burress and arguing the non-guaranteed nature of football contracts justifies players taking such stands.

Interesting that Strahan would defend a former, much-maligned black teammate and criticize a former, much-maligned white teammate. Coincidence? Probably.

Nevertheless, Strahan’s expertise should go beyond discussing former teammates, unlike another former Giant-turned-analyst, Tiki Barber.