Strahan Could Return To New York Giants For $8M

The first prayer hastily muttered by Giants head coach Tom Coughlin after defensive end Osi Umenyiora was carted out of the stadium with a knee injury last weekend: “Dear Lord, let Osi be alright ’cause we’re really gonna need him this season…”

Michael Strahan drinks milk

Promptly followed by: “… but just in case you see fit to hobble him indefinitely, let Brett Favre’s spirit move over Michael Strahan as we try to talk him out of retirement.”

Umenyiora’s out for the season, which means that the Giants will be without their best pass rusher. Just so happens, there’s a pretty good one still available, even though he no longer plays football and is now in the employ of Fox Sports. Semantics, apparently.


[Strahan] would consider ending his vacation and coming out of retirement if the Giants really want him back…

According to a source close to the future Hall of Famer, all it would take to get the 37-year-old Strahan to end his 77-day retirement would be $8 million and a few kind words. …

“If the Giants make a sincere overture, it’s a good chance that Strahan would consider coming back,” the source said. “There are other things he has to take into consideration: the money and his contract with Fox. But if the Giants really want him, they have a shot. It’s not out of the question.”

During last night’s Quinn Gray Pick-a-thon, the NFL Network’s Adam Schefter speculated that the Giants organization doesn’t typically operate in such a manner — reaching out to retired players to fill a roster need — but these are extenuating circumstances: New York are defending champs, the NFC East will be brutal this season, and Umenyiora is the defense’s most important player.

Plus, Strahan’s allegedly willing to give the club a discount; word on the street was that he wanted $12 million to put off retirement for a season. Now it’ll only take $8 million to bring him back. Jimmy Johnson’s hair is that insufferable, I guess.