Strahan Could Get Fox TV Deal If He Keeps Playing

STRAHAN RETIREMENT COULD CANCEL GIANT FOX TV DEAL: As Michael Strahan keeps away from training camp (and an NFL salary), a potential revenue stream might be flowing his way:

Michael Strahan Fox

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that Fox is ready to offer Strahan a slot on their NFL pregame show - a “player diary” segment that would air once a month.

However, there’s one condition on his possible employment - his continued employment with the New York Giants.

Strahan social security

If Strahan decides to retire instead of return to Tom Coughlin & Co., the TV deal will be off. But Strahan claims he has numerous million-dollar TV offers at his fingertips if he chooses to hang up his cleats.

If Mike prefers to hang with Howie & Terry instead of Eil & Jeremy, Giants co-owner John Mara won’t miss him dearly, saying, “We’re not going to beg him to come in.”