Stop The Presses! Will Leitch’s Book Out Today

Sports blogger Will Leitch’s new book, “God Save The Fan”, finally hits the shelves today.

God Save The Fan

And in an effort to help pump up probable sales, the DEADSPIN grand poobah put in a recent appearance on Fox Business Channel. THE 700 LEVEL has the video of Leitch giving the foam figure to his hosts.

At least it’s better than watching Bill O’Reilly. So, has this clip convinced you to pony up for this literary treasure, yet you have no desire to trudge out to the local Barnes & Noble?Of course an Internet superstar like Leitch is not going to shill a book without having the massive missive available online.Will’s book release is just one more important encroachment of the blogosphere’s influence onto the mainstream media’s turf. Such a momentous occasion gives many bloggers the hope that their work can someday be featured as or printed in such prestigious publications.

Penthouse Will Leitch

Thanks for keeping the dream alive, Will!