Stoneman Shell Game Good News For American League And Dodgers

MORENO FAKES OUT FANS WITH BOGUS STONEMAN MOVE: You probably don’t care about the Anaheim Angels. Here in Los Angeles, north of the Orange (County) Curtain, we don’t either. But as Dodger faithful, we did get a good piece of news today:

Bill Stoneman

The LOS ANGELES TIMES and ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER have apparently bought into a shell game perpetrated by Anaheim owner Arte Moreno over GM Bill Stoneman’s *demotion*.

As general manager, Stoneman has been strung up by the SoCal media over the years for not making trades to help the team break through in the playoffs. But Moreno adores him (he offered Stoneman an extension during last season). Today the Angels are announcing that Stoneman is “stepping down” from his GM post into a consultant’s role.

Angels Fan Middle Finger

One small detail: Stoneman’s Moreno’s hire as new general manager, Tony Reagins, is NOT a player evaluator (the LAT notes “Reagins did not play or coach professionally, and his background leans more toward administration than player evaluation … he could be mentored by Stoneman“).

So with Stoneman still lurking in the organization, you can bet that every player move will continue to contain his fingerprints. In other words, Moreno made the move solely to deflect criticism off his previously much-maligned, malingering GM.

Of course, that’s good news for the Dodgers and the rest of the American League, as it’s business as usual for Moreno’s stuck-in-neutral charges.