Stoned Kids On The Beach Not Named Marinovich

Here’s a photo I snapped this week on the Venice Beach Boardwalk:

Stoned Kids Not Named Marinovich On Venice Beach Looking For Pot

(U.S. Snowboard team raises funds between dry land training sessions) 

Those sorts of signs are popping up more and more on VB, which is fine by me. Keeps my daily rounds all the more entertaining. And lest you think that’s all there is to the photo, click here for a far more revealing angle.

Stoned Kids On The Beach Next To Police

(And you thought we weren’t winning the war on drugs?)

If you live around here, you know that when the monstrous throngs of tourists and East L.A. pit bull puppy purveyors descend here on the weekends, LAPD is about as easy to find as Mark Mangino’s mandibles.

But during the week, when dozens of valley-borne teenies turn up masquerading as drugged-out runaways, the LAPD’s boardwalk patrol looks more like a Russian military May Day display.

OK, maybe I should cut them some slack. The LAPD did come through for us Angelenos when it really counted - on the day the Lakers claimed the NBA title. Oh, wait.