Stone Nudes Arouse Interest In Rock Climbing

I’m absolutely convinced that one can make absolutely anything into an “extreme sports craze” and someone will buy into it. This time, we take an ordinary outdoor activity that’s already somewhat dangerous to begin with, like rock climbing, remove the safety equipment — hell, remove all the clothing while we’re at it — and we have “Stone Nudes”, the brainchild of a California rock climber.

naked rock climber

According to the UK’s DAILY MAIL (NSFW due to photos), climber and photographer Dean Fidelman has been taking photos of the climbers, and is now selling them in a 2009 calendar on his website (again, NSFW).

Fidelman told the paper:

“This kind of climbing is the sport at its purest, and is intended to inspire and celebrate the human form. It requires no equipment which means climbers of all abilities can take part. Hundreds of people are now participating in a sport that captures the true essence of the climbing spirit.”

Climbers of all abilities can take part? Really? Given the jagged edges of the rock walls in some of the photos, I’d hazard a guess that quite a few climbers wouldn’t attempt some of these climbs without the necessary ropes and back-up equipment, never mind a bit of clothing. But I will give Fidelman this — it certainly inspires and celebrates the human form, calling us all to, um, full attention.