Still Abreast Of Tennis’ Most Notable Floatables?

By now you know that on April 24, SbB made anonymous Romanian tennis player Simona Halep an internet sensation by posting photos of her from the 2008 Junior French Open. Since then, my original post has been viewed around 500,000 times, spawning scores of copycat website posts across the internet that feature the same year-old photos I originally posted. (And it’s STILL a top story in Hungary this week)

Simona Halep Monster Tennis Boobs

(Crappy Windows Vista default butterfly wallpaper be gone! *right clicks*)

When I quietly posted the pics onto SbB from my bed (not what you’re thinking) that day, I never dreamt that Halep would soon be hounded by media about her breast size. And that she would thereafter reveal she was getting a *gasp* breast reduction.

It makes me wonder … if I hadn’t posted the photos, and Halep hadn’t received the subsequent insane, unwanted scrutiny, would she have decided to take such drastic action?

Such imponderables are what keep me awake as I, like all Angelenos, anxiously await my nightly overdose of sports media backwash. (Los Angeles!!!!! SportsCenter)

It was complete coincidence that I posted the photos of Halep right before the French Open, where she had enjoyed her career highlight a year earlier. (She won the Junior French Open.) So you would think that all the folks who poached my post previously reported on Halep’s notable floatables would be following her on-court progress.

And of course, you would be wrong.

So I’m here to correct that bizarre oversight, along with offering up another phenomenal photo of her you probably haven’t seen. 

Unlike you, I followed Halep’s French Open qualifying rounds in real time on my favorite anonymous women’s tennis wagering site, After winning her first match, Halep was beaten by someone named Vitalia Diatchenko, who coincidentally also medaled in Greco-Roman freestyle wrestling at the ‘92 Barcelona Olympics.

Simona Halep Monster Tennis Boobs

So technically, poor Simona didn’t even make into into the regular field. Perhaps her big boobs are indeed holding her back from becoming world class tennis player?

Simona Halep Serena Williams Monster Tennis Boobs

Or maybe not.

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