Stephen Jackson Likes His Women Armed & Nude

When you hear the phrase “athlete turned artist”, you usually think of music - and ear-cringing vanity records like efforts by Ron Artest or Kobe Bryant. But the SPORTING BLOG says that there’s a new contender who actually puts the “art” in “artistic”: Rams RB Steven Jackson, who has taken the time to post some of his sketches on his Twitter page.

Steven Jackson Rams

Although to be fair, we’re not talking “Merlin Olsen and His Pick-Me-Up Bouquet” level of sensitivity here. No, Jackson’s latest drawing shows what he considers to be a “strong woman” - which apparently means Pam Grier from “Foxy Brown,” except more heavily armed. And apparently more heavily topped as well.

Judge for yourself after the jump.

Stephen Jackson naked woman sketch

(NSFW version can be seen here.)

I have to say, the sketch is certainly more interesting than the other one posted on his Twitter account, and possibly even more compelling than his picture of his new Louis Vitton shoes. (Really, they make shoes? Looking at them, I suspect that Jackson went back in time to 1987 to purchase them.)

Unfortunately, Jackson’s Tweets aren’t as amusing as, say, Shaquille O’Neal’s (but what could be?), but you do get some interesting insight. Such as his take on the Jay Cutler trade:

“I do agree Chicago gave up too much. Both teams benefit from the trade but Denver gets over like a fat cat. Chi is really making moves”

Or his most recent update (made at around 4 p.m. Eastern today), about the world around him:

“Just saw a guy riding a motorcylce. But he was wearing strawberry shortcake backpack.. Lmao”

Which seems really funny, until you realize that the person on the bicycle was Trent Green. Ever since all those concussions, all Trent does is ride around St. Louis with his favorite bicycle, forever searching for “cupcakes”. Sad, really.