Wallace’s Son Slams Fence Coming Out Of Garage

Rusty Wallace

Usually, if a driver makes a head-turning crash at Daytona, they often do it on the track during the famous 500 - not when they’re pulling out of the garage.

SCENE DAILY exchanges insurance information, as Steve Wallace - son of racer Rusty - plowed into a chain link fence just as he left the speedway’s garage on Monday. Apparently, Steve forgot the crew was working on his brakes before he decided to peel out.

Wallace lamented, “Sometimes you do the most embarrassing stuff you ever thought you’d do in your life, and today was it.” Although he wasn’t hurt, Steve’s ego was assuredly bruised.

So what did the car look like after the crackup?

Well, see for yourself:

Steve Wallace hits fence


Wallace’s crew chief did say he was planning to cut the nose off the car. Guess Steve was just trying to save him the trouble.