Steve Spurrier Would’ve Started Fight With Celebrating Georgia Football Team

SPURRIER WOULD’VE “GOT A FIGHT STARTED” VS. GEORGIA: The CHICAGO TRIBUNE underlines why Steve Spurrier makes us very happy. On a DOA sports news Thursday, the spherical-object coach tells the C-T that if Georgia players pulled a similar celebration (as they did while beating Florida on Saturday) on South Carolina, his Gamecocks would “start a fight“.

Steve Spurrier Is A Cock

After the Dogs’ embarrassing full-team line dance following their first TD against the Gators, Spurrier said he would had “one of his third-team guys and get in a wrestling match with the guys, get a fight started.

Georgia Football Celebration

More SS: “Leave the bench in a fight, and you’re out the next game. That’s what we’d do if the other team ever does that.” Spurrier then claimed that if Urban Meyer had followed his advice, the Bulldogs “would have been in deep trouble for the game next week.“The way our (we’re, sadly, an alum) Bulldogs have been playing this season, they probably already are anyway.