Steve Spurrier Votes For Duke In Coaches Poll Threatens to Leave Gamecocks

SPURRIER VOTES FOR DUKE, VOTING TO LEAVE ‘COCKS?: Steve Spurrier, is stirring up the pot yet again. This time, the cauldron is the college football coaches poll.

Steve Spurrier Duke football

In the USA Today/ESPN preseason poll, the Ol’ Ball Coach voted Duke at his #25 spot. The same Duke that’s currently on a 20-game losing streak. The same Duke that’s had exactly 3 conference wins in the past 7 years.

But Spurrier has a soft spot for the Blue Devils. After losing his job when the USFL folded, Steve landed in Durham in 1987, where in 3 short seasons he led the Dookies to the ACC title. Such an accomplishment helped him land the Florida gig, and the rest is visor-related history.

Steve Spurrier visors

And now some are weary of Spurrier’s yearly tribute to the school that gave him his start. Jim Welch, a sports editor for USA Today, says enough’s enough, and that the American Football Coaches Association should convince Spurrier to change his practice, or hope that Duke “gets better in a hurry.”

But Rob Morris of THE COLUMBIA (SC) STATE argues what’s the harm in a a loyal gesture of a little preseason recognition? Besides, Morris adds, Spurrier drops Duke from his poll as soon as they lose - which is usually after the first week.

He counters that USA Today and the AFCA “admit to the meaninglessness of their poll during the preseason and regular season by releasing the coach-by-coach voting in the final poll only.”

Steve Spurrier Peeing On Augusta National

But there’s a chance Welch & Morris’ rumblings may become a moot point, as Spurrier may leave the Gamecocks if the school doesn’t change it’s admissions process.

The GREENVILLE (SC) NEWS reports that OBC made the comments after two recruits were not let into South Carolina, even though they were qualified under NCAA rules.

As long as I’m the coach here, we’re going to take guys that qualify . If not, then I’ll have to go somewhere else because I can’t tell a young man, ‘You come to school here,’ he qualifies, and not do that.”