Steve Spurrier Blames Staff For Snubbing Tebow

Personally I think that preseason all-conference voting is somewhat stupid, but if you’re going to have it, for Pete’s sake take it seriously. Steve Spurrier, no Tim Tebow action figure for you. Spurrier revealed that it was indeed he who was the lone coach who did not vote for Tebow on the preseason All-SEC ballot, and further claims that it was all a mistake. It was, says Spurrier, his staff’s fault.

Tebowman, Steve Spurrier

Of course it was. At the SEC media day on Thursday, Spurrier said that South Carolina’s director of football operations, Jamie Speronis, filled out the ballot, and in place of Tebow voted for Mississippi’s Jevan Snead. “Hey, McFly, is my homework done yet? I have to have time to recopy it. What do you think would happen if I turned in my homework with your handwriting? Think, McFly!”

For his part, Spurrier is all broken up over the incident. At least he says he is.

“I take full responsibility,” Spurrier said today. “I apologize to Tim Tebow. We screwed it up pretty badly. … Tim Tebow is not only the best quarterback in this league, but I think the best one in the country.

“I admire and respect [Tebow] … and he should have been on that ballot. I messed it up, and I take full blame. And I have tried to correct it the best I can. But I still feel very badly about what happened there.

“I didn’t sleep worth a dang last night.”

There was some question as to whether Spurrier voted for Tebow for the Heisman in 2007, which makes Thursday’s revelation even more awkward. Spurrier won’t talk about the Heisman voting, but Tebow has said that he thinks Spurrier did vote for him, and remains a big Spurrier fan. At least he was before Thursday.

Well, this should make South Carolina’s schedule a bit more interesting, anyway. Snead and Mississippi visit Columbia on Sept. 24, and Tebow and the Gators come calling on Nov. 14.

In a recent NBCSports poll, the vast majority of voters concluded that it must have been Tennessee’s Lane Kiffin who snubbed Tebow on the All-SEC ballot. Poor Kiffin — he gets into enough trouble on his own without this kind of help.

But back to that Tim Tebow action figure, which I am totally handing out as Christmas gifts this year. Can bend steel in his bare hands. Able to leap women who want to have sex with him in a single bound!

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