Blog-A-Roni: Salisbury Calls Clayton “Cryptkeeper”

• Who says ESPN isn’t entertaining anymore (besides most sports fans)? WITH LEATHER digs up video of Sean Salisbury calling John ClaytonThe Cryptkeeper“.

(Real fun starts about 1:20 in)

• DC SPORTS BOG knows that behind every great defensive coordinator, there’s a wife cutting his hair and telling him to kick Tom Brady’s ass. (Wonder what Brady’s barber’s rebuttal would be?)

• Meanwhile, Brady’s Super Bowl loss must still really sting. After bowing out of the Pro Bowl, WAGGLE ROOM slices up news that the Pats QB is also pulling out of the Pebble Beach Pro-Am (and so is Bill Belichick & Bill Murray).

• Speaking of the Pats coach, Mike Bianchi of the ORLANDO SENTINEL wants to know who’s the biggest jerk in sports.

• DEADSPIN follows up on Will Leitch’s wild night in Lipstick City.

Will Leitch rockin' in L.A.

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT finds these soccer players’ skills most impressive.

• SIGNAL TO NOISE learns that Arkansas is trying to get new transfer Ryan Mallett to play sooner than later.

• FOOD COURT LUNCH pitches us the hard sell to watch the 2008 Toronto Blue Jays.

• Prospective suitors take heed: BAUER-GRIFFIN reveals that not only does Maria Sharapova love her dog to death, the tennis temptress also carries a lot of baggage.

Maria Sharapova baggage

• THE HATER NATION heads for Hawaii, and finds only one Giant among the Pro Bowl roster.

• Following up on Guiliani joining theRed Sox celebration, BUGS & CRANKS comes across some other Topps top-notch collectible cards.

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC amusingly points out why one Detroit recruit chose Michigan over Michigan State: “The academics is better.”