Steve Smith Explains His Love/Hate Of Delhomme

Not a lot of people in Carolina are happy with Jake Delhomme right now. The Panthers QB has turned the ball over 10 times in his last two games, and Delhomme looked downright deplorable in Carolina’s 38-10 beatdown at the hands of the Eagles. Among those who’ve voiced displeasure with Delhomme is Panthers WR Steve Smith, as Fox microphones picked up Steve telling Jake, I never really liked you as a quarterback. But as a person, that’s who I love.”

Jake Delhomme Steve Smith

But wait a second - it was all just a crazy mixed-up misunderstanding!

Smith joined Frank Garcia on WFNZ in Charlotte to explain what he really meant to say that day on the sidelines. Why, Steve was just trying to get a little chuckle out of his beleaguered QB, that’s all!


I am not friends with #17, I am friends with Jake Delhomme and I think that is the most important thing that I wanted to get the message out to. It wasn’t that I was taking a slight at him, I was actually trying to make him laugh. At the end of the day 15 years from now, there’s going to be another #17 and another #89 in that jersey. People are going to be saying the complete opposite or the complete same thing what they may say cause everybody is going to have a bad game once in their lifetime or twice or whatever the case may be.”

And since Steve knew he was mic’ed up for last week’s game, he says he was just trying to entertain the viewers at home:

I think it is important that people understand that when you go to work Monday thru Friday at your job, you get off work and you pay a lot of money so you have your right to your opinion. You pay a lot of money and you come to the game to get entertained, but I think some people but not everybody forget that as it is entertainment for the fans and it’s also our job.

We’ll see how Steve, Jake & the rest of the Panthers do against Atlanta this afternoon. Another 4-INT day by Delhomme could be the end of a beautiful friendship - and the end of John Fox’s employment as Carolina coach.