Steve Phillips Coming Back As Tiger Sex Analyst!

Richard Sandomir of the NEW YORK TIMES has a much-needed update on the whereabouts of Steve Phillips:

Steve Phillips Tiger Woods

(Before Tiger saw Brooke and Steve saw Mindy)

Steve Phillips, whom ESPN fired last year as a baseball analyst after his affair with a production assistant became public knowledge, spent 45 days in a sex addiction clinic in Hattiesburg, Miss., said his agent, Steve Lefkowitz. Phillips, a former Mets general manager, was treated at the Gentle Path clinic, which Tiger Woods reportedly attended.

Phillips is attending after-care therapy; his wife, Marni, is also in therapy in Arizona, Lefkowitz said. Lefkowitz said Phillips expected to discuss his affair, his therapy and his perspective on Woods’s infidelities in an interview Monday with Matt Lauer on the “Today” show.

I knew it! So Phillips was Radar’s source all along!

With that out of the way, how delightful is it that though Phillips’ personal and professional life is in ashes and his wife is still in a separate rehab center, his agent is touting dude’s mad skills at a breaking down Tiger Woods’ sex addiction and infidelity.