Steve Nash Says He Wouldnt Mind Returning To Dallas Mavericks

NO DALLAS DIVORCE COURT FOR DEARLY DEPARTED NASH: Ever notice how celebrities and politicians loosen up when they talk to overseas media - as if no one stateside will find out what they said? Steve Nash may have made the same misjudgement with the LONDON TIMES.

Steve Nash

In a Q&A, Nash told the Times he’d consider going back to play for an NBA team in Texas (he previously played with Dallas): “I’d have no problem going back and playing for a team in Texas, even the Mavericks! It’s not as though there was some irreconcilable divorce with Dallas, it was just best for me to move on at that time.

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We’ve got a newsflash for Steve-O: Phoenix has had the internet now for at least a few months (or so we hear), so there is a chance, albeit small, that the Phoenix Suns and their fans will hear about this.