Steve Nash Fan Of Spurs Rumored To Be Involved In Club Takeover

STEVE NASH DENIES TAKEOVER OF FAVORITE TEAM - SPURS: The LONDON TIMES reports a little-known fact about Steve Nash - he’s a major Spurs fan, and he was rumored to be involved in the purchase of the team.

Steve Nash Soccer Tottenham Hotspur

No, not the South Texas NBA squad, but London’s perennially underachieving Tottenham Hotspur of England’s Premier League (soccer).

White Hart Lane

Nash: “I would love to own Spurs but I don’t have a spare £300 million in my back pocket so it’s not going to happen. I am a lifelong fan of the club and it’s obviously extremely profitable and well run.

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Nash, whose father is from Tottenham, has that half-right. Tottenham, despite mediocre on-pitch results, does make a mint from some of the EPL’s loyalist fans.