Steve McNair’s Wife Unaware of Affair w/20-yr-old?

• A source says that the wife of Steve McNair was “blindsided” by news that the ex-NFL QB was having an affair with 20-year-old Sahel Kazemi.

Sahel Kazemi Photo Steve McNairs Girlfriend Photo

Meanwhile, Nashville police are saying that the gun found at the scene of McNair & Kazemi’s death had been bought by Sahel.

• Sunday was a good day to be a Gillette spokesman. Just ask Roger Federer, Tiger Woods & Derek Jeter.

Chris Cohan may soon not be one of the worst owners in the NBA, as he looks to sell his majority stake in the Golden State Warriors.

• F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone a defender of Hitler? Oh, heavens no - that was just one of those wacky British sitcom-esque misunderstandings.

• How did Ron Artest end up with the Lakers? Would you believe by barging in & setting up a shower summit with Kobe?

• Mr. Bryant will probably need to hit the Staples Center showers again, after he gets back from attending Michael Jackson’s memorial service.

• St. Louis wants to tax some of the visiting MLB All Stars’ income.

• Think you’re a rough ‘n’ tough runner? Then try making a splash in the Welsh bog snorkeling triathlon.

• LPGA players are not too happy with commissioner Carolyn Bivens at the moment, especially after their event at Kapalua, Hawaii, was canceled.

• 80,000 Real Madrid fans pack the stands to say hi to Cristiano Ronaldo.