Steve McNair’s Other, Other Woman? Leah Ignagni

We’ll probably never know the full scope of the vast minefield that was Steve McNair’s love life, but one thing seems certain. There was more than one “other woman.” CBS’s Armen Keteyian has reopened this sordid box of weirdness once again, and now out pops another name: Leah Ignagni, which CBS News is alleging is yet another woman with whom McNair was seeing without knowledge of his wife.

Leah Ignagni

Nashville police released a case study today naming Ignagni as someone they had interviewed, and who McNair was also seeing. The former quarterback was killed, police believe, by girlfriend Sahel Kazemi, who then turned the gun on herself.

The report states that based on police interviews with Ignagni and Kazemi’s former roommate, Emily Andrews, Kazemi knew that McNair was involved with another woman. CBS rolled out several pictures of Ignagni today.

Leah Ignagni

CBS has the pictures, taken from Ignagni’s Facebook page, here. But there’s more. McNair may have been involved with yet another woman: 26-year-old Adrianne Hobbs, who was living in an apartment McNair was paying for.

A claim filed by Gianikas Property Management in Nashville probate court last week calls for McNair’s estate to pay $1,750 in rent, late charges and property damages on the apartment.

McNair originally co-signed the lease for a cousin, Raymond White, in October. But records show that electric bills were charged to 26-year-old Adrianne Hobbs from Oct. 24 through Aug. 7.

One source, THE NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN, may have been sitting on that information for some time.

This would be funny if it weren’t so tragic: Every time the police think they’ve established Kazemi as the ‘lone gunman,’ along comes another report to throw the whole mess back into the salad mixer. Please end now, story.