Blog-A-Roni: Steve Lavin’s Doesn’t Gel In Dayton

Chris Mottram of THE SPORTING BLOG has the hair-raising news of Steve Lavin forgoing his usual slick style.

Steve Lavin without hair gel

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING maps out which CBS stations will be carrying which Thursday’s Tournament games.

• Pink shoelaces, shaving coaches’ heads, centers without cellphones - DC SPORTS BOG finds it easy to root for Baylor.

• BOSTONIST gets a taste of the Red Sox’s Dustin Pedroia - now in salsa form.

Dustin Pedroia salsa

• WTMJ in Milwaukee hangs up word that the Packers will retire Brett Favre’s #4 this season.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS gets Kevin Garnett’s response to Glen Taylor’s claims of KG tanking it with the T-Wolves.

• AD FREAK finds the Texas Rangers going the Aaron Copeland route in trying to get some pardners to mosey out to the ballpark.

• MISS GOSSIP asks Carmelo Anthony to explain some online photos she found of the Nuggets star.

• WE ARE THE POSTMEN is pumped that a minor league team is making a job offer to Roger Clemens - to be their mascot.