Sterger Show On Versus ‘Axed’: ‘Anemic Ratings’

John Ourand of SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY and SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL breaks the news today that the Versus TV show Jenn Sterger appears on, The Daily Line, has been canceled.

Jenn Sterger Show On Versus Axed

Ourand via Twitter:

“Versus has axed @jennifersterger’s show “The Daily Line” because of anemic ratings.”

Ah, the irony. Thanks to her reportedly reciprocal texting relationship with Brett Favre, Sterger has had her public profile explode in recent weeks. But that obviously didn’t translate to ratings.


On a show that was expressly created for gossipy, web-sourced stories like the Favre affair, Sterger refused to talk about it on-air. Of course, that might not have been her choice, as multiple media sources have told me in past weeks that she was forbidden from bringing it up by Comcast executives. (Comcast owns Versus.)

Though if Comcast didn’t prevent her from talking about it on the show, Sterger’s “manager” and lawyer likely would’ve stepped in and blocked any on-air conversation about Favre.

Regardless of the ratings disaster that was The Daily Line, Sterger’s departure from Versus was inevitable anyway. Her contract with Comcast is up at the end of the year and I was previously told it would not be renewed.

Almost as bad as Sterger not talking about Favre - on a show that was designed for such a topic - is her absurd, tactical delay in resolving her so-called harassment issue with the NFL. Any shred of credibility Sterger had before the Favre incident popped up is now gone thanks to the appearance - fair or not - of her indirectly attempting to get a payout from the quarterback or the Jets in exchange for her silence.

But as it has now been reported that Sterger voluntarily exchanged texts with Favre even after he allegedly sent an inappropriate photo to her, why would Favre or the Jets pony up anything?

Because 99 percent of main media coverage of the Favre affair has not involved the fact that Sterger first brought up the voicemails, texts and photos to, if she had come forward and resolved the matter with the NFL quickly and quietly, most of the public would’ve regarded her as a sympathetic figure.

But her ridiculous delay in engaging the league has caused new information to be reported indicating that she was a willing participant in a text relationship with Favre.

With that revelation, any designs Sterger had on remaining legitimate in the sports media business are gone. She’s offically become a punch line.

Greed will do that.

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