Stephon Marbury Said He Got The OK To Leave Knicks In Phoenix

MARBURY WAS ALLOWED TO LEAVE IN THE KNICK OF TIME: First, Stephon Marbury skipped out of Tuesday’s practice. Then he skipped out on Tuesday’s game. But the annoyed Knick says he got permission from Isiah Thomas:

Stephon Marbury Bobblehead

The NEW YORK POST reports that Marbury got the OK from the GM to go AWOL. On Tuesday, Stephon left behind his teammates in Phoenix, and was back in New York by 4 p.m.In a text message sent to the POST, Stephon wrote, “I have one thing to say, and that’s I got permission to leave. I would never leave my team on my own. What I’m telling you is that I got permission to leave from Isiah. He said I could go home. God bless. Peace be with you.”

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Marbury also added that he has no plans to join the team Wednesday night in Los Angeles.The Knicks guard is apparently upset with the team, with most of his anger directed at his lack of playing time. With a two-year, $42 million contract, the POST speculates that the Knicks may attempt a buyout.

Too bad Stephon won’t go to LA. He could’ve had a nice chat with another high-priced malcontent.

When asked about Stephon’s abrupt departure, Thomas told media members it was an “in-house matter”.We wonder if the Stephon situation will be handled like other recent in-house matters. Looks like MSG will be hiring some more interns pretty soon.