Blog-O-Rama: Stephen Curry Chats It Up w/Conan

GAME ON via COLLEGE HOOPS JOURNAL lays up a clip of Davidson star Stephen Curry chatting it up with Conan O’Brien.

At least Stephen should feel better knowing he lost to the national champs.

• Although he has yet to hit the court for the Blazers, the OREGONIAN learns that Portland fans are already singing Greg Oden’s praises - literally.

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC offers up a load of diaper dandies, as they present their top 10 ridiculous Dick Vitale moments.

• This should end well: AOL FANHOUSE reports that ex-Bengal lawbreaker Chris Henry is turning to Michael Irvin for help.

• Redskins TE & rising blog star Chris Cooley answers your questions!

• 100% INJURY RATE check in on how San Francisco is getting ready for the Olympic torch relay.

• THE JUICE greenlights word that George Clooney wants a writing credit on “Leatherheads”. Doe he really want to admit to penning that movie?

• FOOD COURT LUNCH roars about the rude Raptors fan who wouldn’t let go of the ball.