Stephen Jackson’s Wife: Lengthy Arrest Record

Last Wednesday the wife of NBA player Stephen Jackson was reportedly held at gunpoint by three masked men as the couple’s home was robbed of jewelry, weapons and Louis Vuitton leather accessories. Jackson was out of state at the time of the incident.

Stephen Jackson Wife Renata White Mugshots And Arrest Record

Charlotte police reported that no other homes in the neighborhood suffered a similar fate that day and there were no signs of forced entry into the home.

WSOC-TV in Charlotte also noted:

They (Charlotte Police) are also not sure whether the robbers specifically targeted Jackson.

Sources told Eyewitness News that there are indications that the attack may not have been random, but detectives aren’t commenting on the matter.

Police have also yet to comment on the past arrest record of Jackson’s wife of just over a year, Renata White-Jackson.

A search of DeKalb County, Georgia, court and jail records today revealed that Mrs. Jackson was arrested three times by DeKalb County authorities between 2001-07.

According to DeKalb County jail system records, in 2001 White-Jackson was charged with felony financial identity fraud. She was arrested on what was described as a “foreign warrant.” White-Jackson spent less than an hour in DeKalb County jail before being released.

In 2004 White-Jackson was charged with felony drug-trafficking, felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor charges of impersonating a police officer, fleeing a police officer and reckless driving.

She was held without bond in DeKalb County jail for eight days before her bond was set at $50,000. That bond was later reduced to $1,000, which White-Jackson posted and was released after spending 13 days in custody.

In 2006 White-Jackson was arrested for failure to appear in court to face those felony and misdemeanor charges. For those charges she spent four days in DeKalb County Jail.

The disposition of the 2004 and 2006 charges were listed as “other” upon White-Jackson’s release in August, 2006. She served no further jail time in DeKalb County.

By no means does White-Jackson’s arrest record indicate that any other than what she reported to Charlotte Police on Wednesday took place during the reported home invasion.

But it’s not unreasonable to think that her past arrest record could give investigators some pause.