Stephen A. Smith Socked By Heckling Puppet At NBA Draft

STEPHEN A. SMITH SOCKED BY FANS’ SILLY CINEMATICS: FAN IQ finds a fun video made at the NBA Draft featuring ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith - in sock puppet form!

Stephen A. Smith sock puppet

A group billing itself as “The Stephen A. Smith Heckling Society of Gentlemen” came to the Big Apple to take a bite out of His Quite Frankness, via a dingy sock puppet.

The laundry-day escapee called out his cotton-mouthed comments to the draftees as they escaped down a corridor. Some of the grandiose gems:

To Al Horford: “Some people say you’re the best forward since Slava Medvedenko!

Slava Horford

Why hasn’t my praise changed your life, Brandon Wright?

Because he’s been such a man of the people, and because his hair is so long, I hereby dub thee Joakim Noah, the People’s Princess!

Joakim Noah Princess

I’m Stephen A. Smith! Every thing I say is important!

The video also has a little bonus at the end, starring another member of the Worldwide Leader’s crew:

Stuart Scott booty call

That would be Stuart Scott checking out his new ESPN Mobile - or maybe placing a booty call.