Stephen A. On LeBron’s A$$: Tastes Like Chicken

At least according to Charles Barkley.

I’ve actually personally sworn off posting about Barkley and/or LeBron James in the remaining millenia, but I was so bemused by media reporting of Barkley’s recent comments on Dan Patrick’s radio show that I had to chime in.

Stephen A. Smith at Cavs Game

(Smith at - where else? - a Cavs game)

Barkley last Wednesday said that James needed to “shut the hell up” when it came to his future NBA team destination in 2010. Of, course, I couldn’t care less about that. The fun part is what Barkley said about Stephen A. Smith right in the middle of his comment about James - and I suppose it illustrates just how far S.A.S. has fallen off the sports media map.

Barkley on the show: “I want to ask Stephen A. if it tastes like chicken. Because he has his head so far up LeBron’s a$$, it annoys me.” (audio link)

Barkley then caught himself and said, “I love LeBron and Stephen A.’s cool.

Uh, wot?

If Barkley had said that 18 months ago, the mainstream sports media and blogs would be all atwitter over the hilariously descriptive, yet insightful comment. But I wonder if Barkley would’ve said that if he worked at the WWL. Much like Jason Whitlock’s misguided criticism of Chris Fowler earlier this week.

And now, with Smith banished to ESPN’s NBA programming, no one seems to care about his cheez doodles anymore. And the sports blogosphere is a much sadder, quieter place for it.

OK, maybe not.