Steelers New Mascot Bears Remarkable Resemblance To Bill Cowher

WE’LL TAKE THIS OVER A FURRY, BIG-HEADED CHUCK NOLL: We know the Steelers miss Bill Cowher, but this is a little ridiculous:

Steely McBeam

Yesterday the Steelers officially introduced a new target for beer bottles mascot called “Steely McBeam”:

Steely McBeam

The name for mascot, which bears a remarkable resemblance to Bill Cowher, was chosen from 70,000 entries and the winner got one of Myron Cope’s moth-infested Terrible Towels (not really). Actually, the woman who submitted the victorious entry was gifted tickets to one game. Great.

Ed Douchette

Surprisingly the Steelers didn’t use the clever, suggested name from Ed Douchette (above) of the PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: “Stupid mascot“. After watching Douchette’s scintillating video commentary posted on the newspaper’s website, we’re guessing his media career is about to take off (or skid off the runway).

The Terrible Fan

We can’t believe the Rooney family went and screwed up a good thing, considering the team’s previous mascot, the “Terrible Fan”.

Steely McBeam Steelers Mascot Steel Man

But if they absolutely had to make a change, at least you now know who would’ve been our choice. Pass the Cutty!