Steelers’ Harrison’s Pit Bull Attacks His Baby Son

As you’ll remember, James Harrison declined to accompany the Steelers to meet President Obama. Instead he remained home and fed his baby son to his pit bull.

James Harrison

OK, that’s an oversimplification. But Harrison’s 2-year-old son James III was sent to the hospital after being bitten by the dog, and two other people were bitten while trying to get the dog off him.

Harrison was at the gym Wednesday afternoon while his son and the boy’s mother Beth Tibbott were at the house with a family friend.

“The baby wanted to see the dog,” she said. “[Ms. Tibbott] went to the cage and cleaned the dog’s eyes. He was near the entrance of the cage and wanted to come out, and I told her, and she said the dog is fine with the baby.

“And he was fine. He walked out and went to the bathroom and walked around. He was on his back and I was stroking his belly, then the baby started to cry and, you know, act like a baby, and the dog got on top of him.”

She said the dog bit the baby at the top of the thigh and that Ms. Tibbott began screaming and threw herself on top of the baby.

“She said, ‘Take the baby, take the baby,’ so I picked up the baby and ran and put him on the other side of the fence and called 911.”

Tibbott went to the hospital, but was released. Harrison’s massage therapist required three stitches. And James III will be hospitalized for another day or two.

Mr. Harrison’s agent, William Parise, said the boy’s injuries were “serious but certainly not life-threatening. I think any time a child is injured and requires hospitalization, it’s a serious thing. I know James was very concerned about his son.”

The dog will be put on the Physically Unable to Perform list with a lethal injection, even though a neighbor described it as a “cuddlebug.”

“But with the crying and the flailing,”
said another neighbor, “he must have thought the baby was prey.”