Steelers Fans Ashes Brought To Heinz Field For Sunday Game

ASHES OF STEELERS FAN ASHES DASHED INTO HEINZ FIELD: A life-long Steelers fan wasn’t going to let a little thing like death keep him from showing up at Heinz Field.

Steelers fan urn

The PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE has the story of Richard Desrosiers, a New Hampshire native and Steelers fanatic who passed away from brain cancer eight months ago.His wife Kathleen remembered a dying wish her husband made - to go to Pittsburgh and see a Steelers game, a visit Richard never got to make during his life.

So for her own 60th birthday, Kathleen packed up the ashes of her cremated mate into a miniature urn, along with photos of her husband, and a Terrible Towel, and cheered like crazy in the freezing conditions of the Heinz Field end zone on Sunday.

Big Ben Steelers Jaguars

Unfortunately, Big Ben & boys couldn’t tame the Jacksonville Jaguars in a 29-22 defeat. But the loss couldn’t put a hamper on Kathleen’s memories of Richard:”This is where he wanted to be. It was what he asked me to do. I got to be with him one last time while he did something he wanted more than anything else in the whole wide world.”