Steelers Boss Sends Letter to Sour Seahawks Fan

• After their last Super Bowl appearance, Steelers owner Dan Rooney took time to write to a Seattle explaining why the Seahawks weren’t screwed.

Dan Rooney Seahawks fan

Joe Torre backtracks on his Yankees-bashing book.

• Attending monster truck shows can be hazardous to your health.

• Players & fans get wild in a West Virginia girls high school basket-brawl.

11-year-old toreadors killing calves? What a bunch of bull.

No Lingerie Bowl again this year after the ladies get their panties in a bunch over the prospect of playing at a nude resort.

• The NFL would really like the Raiders & 49ers to share a stadium.

• Could Pat O’Brien be back in sportscasting via ESPN Radio?

• And the winner of today’s Malkin-Kovalev caption contest is…

Alexei Kovalev Evgeni Malkin NHL All Star Game

Everyone, for pointing out which player was actually which. Shows you’ve all been paying attention. Glad you passed our little test. (Yeah … a test. That’s it.) Besides, unfortunate faux pas-es happen to the best of us journalistic juggernauts. Just ask the DAILY MAIL & the DALLAS MORNING NEWS.

Anyway, thanks for playing. A new contest comes your way tomorrow.