1974 Steelers Ring Engraver: Not ‘Great’ at His Job

Sooooo, Jostens Jewelers in Minnesota, about those 70 or so rings you cranked out for the 1974 Steelers Super Bowl team? You know, the ones with every score of every playoff game engraved on the ring? Yeah. About that. You kind of messed up.

Steelers 1974 Super Bowl ring

Of course, they would have gotten away with it were it not for those damn PITTSBURGH POST GAZETTE readers, one of whom picked up on a big engraving error after a pair of the of the rings dropped for $66K on EBay:

An astute reader — who could only be described as a die-hard Steelers fan — took a close look at the ring and noticed something amiss. The score of the Steelers’ first-round playoff game against Buffalo, engraved on the side of the ring, was wrong.

The final score of the game was Steelers 32, Bills 14.

The ring says Steelers 32, Bills 6.

If he was willing to cough up sixty-six thousand dollars for some Super Bowl rings, “die-hard” seems like a fair application here.

Also a fair application: “ridiculous”, when used to describe whoever was in charge of fact checking at Jostens, who has readily admitted that the mistake was on their end.

A check with Jostens, the Minneapolis-based jeweler that produced the rings, proved that while the Steelers’ original design had the accurate score, the ring molds — which the company keeps in a large vault — show the wrong score. And no one ever noticed or corrected it.

“I’ll be damned,” said Joe Gordon, who headed the Steelers public relations and marketing from 1969 to 1998. “I find it almost impossible to believe because so many of us checked it.”

Or perhaps, “oblivious”, if we want to talk about all 70 people who somehow never noticed the wrong score. You’re talking about a Super Bowl ring here, folks. You coddle that thing every day, and can end up obsessing over it. Just ask Ray Finkel.

Terry Bradshaw Steelers

(Not Ray Finkel.)

Of course, Gordon then proceeded to dump primary responsibility on the gaffe to Dan Rooney, who is in charge of design. I couldn’t reach Rooney for comment, but if I could have, I imagine that he would say something like: “I let Terry Bradshaw do all the math.”