Stealth Tweet Leads To Blount N-Word Speculation

Suddenly this morning, more speculation popped up in the blogs about what Boise State’s Byron Hout said to LeGarrette Blount last Thursday. Here’s the likely reason why:

LeGarrette Blount Tweet: Was He Called The N-Word?

A Twitter account hosted by someone named E.J. Prince generated that Tweet last night.

So far, only one blog has mentioned that actual Tweet as the reason for the emergence of the n-word talk. But the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES suddenly is back to the subject this morning, citing a five-day-old piece in the OREGONIAN.

Coincidentally, TBL and MDS at AOL is also back on the story today. (MDS tells me his post was not based on seeing the aforementioned Tweet.)

Besides the OREGONIAN, the only other previous source of n-word speculation came from the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE on Sept. 4.

Most interesting to me in all of this isn’t the subject matter. It’s that Twitter is causing main media and blogs to investigate stories further without, in some cases, citing the original source (Twitter) for that additional interest. I think over time that may change, much like how main media now increasingly cites blogs.

And while we’re on the subject of Hout vs. Blount, it doesn’t appear Hout will receive any meaningful punishment, which appears to suit the IDAHO STATESMAN editorial board just fine.