Star Trek Night in SF Can’t Beam in a Decent Team

The San Francisco Giants have gone the extra light year to draw in fans with disposable income in an environment where relatively few can claim to have entertainment dollars.  One example would be their ballpark promotions, including one being held on Stardate -314320.8.

Star Trek baseball

Yes, in the most obvious combination of fan bases since the Hershey Fan Club and the George Washington Carver Admiration Society, April 27th will be Star Trek Movie Night at AT&T Park in support of the grand return of the original Alien Sex Task Force and its inspirational captain in film form.

Of course, there will also be a costume contest, making it easier for the jocks and the nerds to fall into old roles effortlessly.  Free noogies for the first thousand costumed folks!

There’s also going to be a free “Star Trek Foam Finger”, which should be pretty obvious.  We’re holding out for the free Tribble/hairpiece.  We’re also expecting the usual costume circuit to jump at the chance to use their outfits again, blocking any casual fans from the prizes. Don’t mess with the Star Trek pros.

By the way, if you check out the list of special events at AT&T Park this year, you’ll find no fewer than nine “Heritage Nights” (not including Oktoberfest) meant to pull in specific ethnic groups.  San Francisco is well-known for its diversity, so one could take this as an altruistic goal for the Giants.

However, you’d have to forget the San Francisco Giants are a Major League Baseball franchise and are therefore unlikely to arrange any gathering unless profit or brand improvement are involved.  Instead, it comes off as slightly cloying in this economy, especially the special Giants-themed sake set. AT&T Park is the new Epcot?

And what about the Dutch? We thought the WBC told us the Dutch were a powerhouse in baseball. Randall Simon proved that.  If you don’t believe him, he’ll knock that Vulcan foam finger right off your hand with his Louisville phaser.