Stanley Cup Brings Luck To Ex-Hockey Poker Pro

Greg Mueller is not much of a household name, but he’s trying. And although he played professional hockey for nine years*, the Canadian is becoming more well-known in another area: poker.

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(A sight for sore eyes for Mueller. On the left. No, really, on the left.)

Though he had six appearances at the final table (including two runner-up finishes), Mueller had never earned a bracelet, the prize that signifies a win in a World Series of Poker event. But at a Limit Hold ‘Em event in his native Vancouver, Mueller (known in the poker world as “FBT,” or “Full-Blown Tilt) got an assist from an unlikely ally.

The CASINO CITY TIMES has the story:

Play at the final table was paused about midway into the action due to a special ceremony to honor the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup, which was unveiled to the poker world. The Stanley Cup was placed up on a pedestal, only a few feet away from the final table where Mueller was sitting.

[…] In a casual conversation during the break, Mueller joked with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman that he wanted to touch the cup (Bettman was a good sport about it, and agreed).

By the way, touching the Cup before you’ve won it is taboo among NHL players, but considering his best hockey days are long behind him (and somewhere around Stuttgart to boot), there’s probably no foul on Mueller’s part.

As a matter of fact, he won the tournament, gathering his first bracelet and - more importantly - almost half a million dollars. Surely, were Mueller not meant to touch the Cup, the hockey gods and gambling gods would have conspired to force him out of the tournament with a combination of bad beats, conspicuous tells, and violent, explosive vomiting (that’s a no-no).

We could also tell you that Mueller has also dabbled in modeling (this is true) then post some sweet, hi-res pictures of him. You guys want some of that? Maybe with his shirt off, a little baby oil going on? No? Fine.

*…in Germany, mind you.