Stanley Cup At Sea And Visit Childrens Hospital

STANLEY CUP HELPS KEEP KIDS HAPPY & DOGS WELL-FED: So, what’s the Stanley Cup been up to since landing in the Ducks’ nest?

Ducks Stanley Cup

Well, its first adventure was a celebratory cruise around Newport Beach, CA. Partygoers wanted to head farther out in the ocean, but when the waves were a bit too rocky, the land-lubbers wanted back to calmer harbors.

SS Minnow

Those hockey fans must have forgotten that water’s a lot less choppy when it’s frozen.

After a stay at Scott Niedermayer’s House, Le Coupe Stanley was delivered to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, where numerous young fans were able to see their favorite team’s new trophy up close.

Stanley Cup childrens hospital

One young cancer patient had to wait until the cup was sterilized before it could be brought into his contact isolation room. The nurse explained that the cup was to be treated with an alcohol-based antiseptic, to which Brad May responded, “Wouldn’t be the first time the Stanley Cup was covered in alcohol!

Dog eating out of Stanley Cup

Stanley soon ended up at Sean O’Donnell’s place, where the player’s Labrador pup Buddy chowed down in the world’s most historic dog dish.